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Birthday Peach Jade Jadeite Pendant

Birthday Peach Jade Jadeite Pendant

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
Tag: Peach
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This is a natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite carved into a birthday peach, deer and bat. Peach is used to celebrate birthdays in Chinese. Bat and deer are also auspicious animals. This jadeite is Honey Brown variety. The handcrafted carvings with excellent craftsmanship are superior. This jadeite pendant is deserved of keeping and wearing.
Exquisite green jadeite pendant liked this is in a rare number. The deer and peach are honey brown. Its surface is polished into smooth and sleek. The brilliant polish luster is very beautiful.
Length: 35 mm
Width: 32 mm
Depth: 15 mm
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