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Cabbage Jade Jadeite Pendant

Cabbage Jade Jadeite Pendant

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
Tag: Cabbage
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This is a natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite carved into a cabbage. There is an insect on this cabbage. The insect symbolize having lots of offspring and bliss. This jadeite is Bean Green variety. Craftsman used the natural color of jadeite to carve into exquisite cabbage and insect. The excellent craftsmanship is amazing. It is a rare piece to be worthy of collecting and keeping.
This exquisite jadeite is light green with some part of green. Its excellent polish luster, great translucence and sleek surface are captivating and fascinating.
Length: 32 mm
Width: 20 mm
Depth: 7 mm
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