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Kylin Jade Jadeite Pendant

Kylin Jade Jadeite Pendant

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This is a natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite carved into Kylin and Ru Yi. In Chinese culture, Kylin is the leader of 4 spirits in Chinese. People believed that it can avoid evil and bring people good luck. This jadeite pendant is 3-Colored variety. The excellent craftsmanship is as vivid as life. It could be worn as an amulet or exquisite accessories.
This exquisite jadeite has multicolor which contains green, dark green and honey brown. Its colors are natural and harmonious. Its surface is polished into smooth and sleek. The quality and translucence are vintage and desirable.
Length: 48 mm
Width: 33 mm
Depth: 15 mm
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