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Snuff Bottle Jade Jadeite Carving

Snuff Bottle Jade Jadeite Carving

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This is a natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite carved into snuff bottle with lotus, Ru Yi and toad on it. On the top is another toad with 3 legs. This jadeite is Lavender variety of purple color. There are natural jade crystallization on the surface. In Chinese, toad is often placed in stores to lead wealth in. People believe that it would bring wealth and good luck. Lotus and Ru Yi are symbols of pureness and bliss. The handcrafted carvings with excellent craftsmanship of this jade are delicate. This exquisite jadeite object is remarkable and desirable.
This vintage jadeite contains white, light green and light purple. Its beautiful colors are natural and harmonious. The surface is polished into smooth and sleek. Its brilliant oily luster is charming. The quality and appearance are gorgeous.
Length: 54 mm
Width: 46 mm
Depth: 13 mm
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