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Ancient coin jadeite is long kaud abd buhley

Ancient coin jadeite is long kaud abd buhley

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This bracelet strung by elastic string is interlaced by 4 hollow pipes and 8 ancient coin jadeite beads. Those ancient coin jadeite beads are Honey Brown variety and the hollow pipes are Oil Green variety. Those jadeite pipes are hollowed out with cross patterns. The handcrafted carvings are very delicate. The diameter of ancient coin jadeite beads are approx. 12mm. The craftsmanship is excellent. This bracelet is a little bit bigger. The design of this bracelet is simple and lovely. It would be a great addition to your collection or as gift to someone special.
This bracelet contains honey brown and green. Its beautiful colors are natural and comely. Each jadeite bead or jadeite pipe is brilliant with bright luster. It is very charming and pleasing.
Length: 25 mm
Diameter: 6 mm
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