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Goldfish Jade Jadeite Necklace

Goldfish Jade Jadeite Necklace

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This necklace strung by 925 sterling silver string is embellished with special goldfish-style jadeite pendant. This jadeite pendant is Oil Green variety, and its also natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite. The handcrafted carving of this goldfish jadeite pendant is smooth and fluent to make it both trendy and elegant, represent the cute and spirits of the goldfish in detail, the shining scales are also beautiful. The goldfish symbolizes gaining much more wealth and having a fortune life. The craftsmanship is delicate and excellent. This cute necklace is deserved to be kept and worn. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
This necklace contains limpid light green around the body, the aquatic bright green is mixed with slightly dark green flower. The natural color scheme is even and harmonious. The jadeite bead is polished into smooth and sleek with aqueous luster. This necklace is graceful and elegant especially when irradiated with light.
Length: 32 mm
Width: 15 mm
Depth: 5 mm
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