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Tabular Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

Tabular Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This precious adjustable bracelet belongs to pure, natural and A grade jade jadeite in Honey Brown variety mixed with Icy variety and Oil Green variety. It interlaced in regularly order by 13 tabular jadeite beads and 24 small jade beads with 4 jade beads at the ends as dangle fringe. The touch is smooth and delicate, while the quality and appearance are exceptional. Its refined and understated elegance characterizes this retro-chic bracelet. This is a brilliant gift for someone you love. Or, a treat to yourself. The diameter of small jadeite bead is approx. 5mm. The wrist size of this piece is smaller.
This accessory is a singular beauty. Snowflake white and transparent green together with golden yellow, making it a harmonious scene you can not resist.
Length: 11 mm
Width: 9 mm
Depth: 4 mm
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