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Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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Elegante creation that telegraph elegante style, sophistication and a discerning eye. This glorious bracelet is brought out in a contemporary yet classic design: 12 pure, natural and A grade jade jadeite round beads collocated smoothly by Chinese knot, with 4 jade beads as dangle fringe. It's an exclusive creation of elegant simplicity. Every finely-crafted bead of this bracelet is in Bean Green variety mixed with Oil Green, Honey Brown, Lavender varieties, and has a substantial feel. The touch is smooth and delicate, while the quality and appearance are exceptional. A fabulous bracelet for every occasion. This classical bracelet, so carefully chosen, is a brilliant gift from someone you love. Or, a treat to yourself.
This fascinating bracelet has oily luster in emerald green, snowflake white, dark beige and brilliant translucence on sleek surface. Classic yet contemporary. Robust yet delicate. This bracelet simply satisfy a desire for self-assure elegance.
Diameter: 13 mm
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