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Color Stone Tourmaline Bracelet

Color Stone Tourmaline Bracelet

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
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Tourmaline beads in Oval-Cut are joined all together into a amazing bracelet. It is connected by elastic string with irregularly design which is look like many petals on the bracelet. This bracelet shows the natural of beauty and variety of color. Translucent in clarity and cut maximizes its unique beauty. Each Oval-Cut bead is more smaller and delicate, and inside of these beads display like radiation of crystal. This sparkling bracelet features contrasting colours sending a strong signal of vibrant creativity. This is a gorgeous accessory deserved to collect.
This accessory is a singular beauty. Colorful hues of hot pink, light brown,and bisque together with dark brown and fresh green, turn into a colorful and graceful bracelet. It would be the most attractive and most graceful accessory.
Length: 8 mm
Width: 6 mm
Depth: 4 mm
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