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Amber Pendant

Amber Pendant

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
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This pendant is in irregular shape with the natural amber and the line of this amber is smoothly. There has a layer of black paste in the back side. The original mineral is natural and there are some amorphous organic substance inside the amber. It looks like a bunch of flowers inside the amber. The surface is brilliant with the sleek luster. This piece of amber is combine the old school style and the trendy of fashion. It's the most stylish and remarkable pendant worth to get one.
The magnificent color of this pendant shines out brilliant limpid yellow, through the light it would reflect the limpid light blue and golden color. Dazzling and sparkling make this amber pendant full of royal spirit. This remarkable pendant is an amazing jewellery for you to cherish away.
Length: 39 mm
Width: 32 mm
Depth: 8 mm
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