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Leaf Amber Necklace

Leaf Amber Necklace

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
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This necklace is in the leaf-motif. It is strung by a leaf amber pendant and different kinds of round amber beads. It is brilliant, pure and delicate with sleek surface. The streamlined calabash with the classic but trendy design. The original mineral of amber came from Baltic, because of the natural and pure quality of amber, there are some amorphous organic substance inside the amber. Through the light it would show the clarity which is look like the crystal. The string of this necklace is in the slipknot design. The calabash means the auspicious, good fortune and flourish offspring. It combines the traditional element and modern fashionable character. Wearing it on your neck will make you look quite unique.
The limpid honey golden accompany with the yellow golden separate evenly on this calabash. Those pretty colors are natural and makes this necklace sparkling. The leaf amber pendant contrast sharply with the dark and light colors. Gorgeous shape with the brilliant luster give this necklace an undeniable elegance. This item is deserved to be one of your collection.
Length: 51 mm
Width: 23 mm
Depth: 9 mm
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