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Lucky Donut Jade Jadeite Earrings

Lucky Donut Jade Jadeite Earrings

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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The pair of earrings are natural and pure A grade jade jadeite, it consists of Icy variety and Honey Brown variety. Each one has two donut pendants under the glorious 925 sterling silver hooks. The meaning of jade donut pendant is to avoid the evil and bring the fortune. Simply design but fashionable. Wearing these pieces completely shows the beauty of graceful. It is extremely pleasant to have.
This pair of earrings is brilliant, pure and delicate. It contains the limpid white and fresh green. Each donut pendant has sleek surface, through the light you can see something like mist inside the donut pendant. It is attractive and worth collecting.
Diameter: 14 mm
Depth: 3 mm
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