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Ru Yi and Lion Opaque Amber Pendant

Ru Yi and Lion Opaque Amber Pendant

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
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The quality of this pendant is completely natural of opaque amber. It is carved into a lion standing on the Ru Yi. The nose of the lion is big which means the wealth. The handcrafted carvings are delicate and animated. The original mineral of opaque amber came from Baltic, the quality is natural with the oily luster and sleek surface. In the ancient, the lion is regarded as auspicious creature and the king of the animals. Its classic symbol is avoiding evil and leading to good luck. This magnificent pendant is deserved to be one of your collection or as a gift.
The color of this opaque amber is the beautiful tawny golden and separates evenly on the whole pendant. Because of the natural and pure quality of amber there are something like clouds inside the pendant. The delicate carving with the brilliant luster make this pendant look more unique. It is an absolutely excellent piece you can't miss.
Length: 54 mm
Width: 35 mm
Depth: 9 mm