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Color Stone Citrine Bracelet

Color Stone Citrine Bracelet

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
Tag: Citrine
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This fabulous bracelet is strung by 38 natural citrine with elastic string. The shape of the citrine is teardrop and it is in Pear-Cut. The refraction is sparkling just like the crystal. There are some striations inside the citrine, and the quality is completely natural, which are the character of this bracelet. The symbol of the citrine is to bring the wealth, and the design is simple but glamorous. It will look more graceful when you set on your wrist. This remarkable bracelet is an amazing jewellery creation of pure happiness.
The gorgeous color of this citrine bracelet is absolutely natural with the limpid honey yellow. Through the light, it will reflect different shade of golden color, which looks like the sparkling sun in the sky, and it can be viewed from different directions. This piece is alluring and fascinating. Everyone should have a signature, this one would be your first choice.
Length: 10 mm
Width: 6 mm
Depth: 5 mm
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