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Color Stone Citrine Necklace

Color Stone Citrine Necklace

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
Tag: Citrine
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Vivid, alluring and gorgeous are the characters of this necklace. The pendant of this necklace is natural Citrine and it is in teardrop shape. This glorious necklace stands out for its excellent purity and superb material. This Citrine pendant is Pear-Cut and the clarity is clear, it looks so twinkling and shining. A delicate precious pendant sways gracefully at the end of its chain. It is strung by 925 glittering sterling silver chain. The symbol of Citrine is to bring the wealth to wearer and it is entirely solid. The design of this necklace is modern and fabulous, yet perfectly timeless. This necklace never goes out of style, it is a perfect choice for your refined and understated elegance. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
The color of this Citrine is absolutely natural with pure golden. Its fancy golden color shows a spirit of luxury and reflects different golden radiations, it can be view from different directions. The purity color with the sparkling sterling silver chain turn into a exquisite necklace. It is full of indescribable beauty, this piece is pleasing and fascinating.
Length: 16 mm
Width: 13 mm
Depth: 11 mm
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