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Leaf Jade Jadeite Bracelet

Leaf Jade Jadeite Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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The pendants of this bracelet are natural, pure and jade jadeite with Bean Green variety and Honey Brown variety. There are 13 leaf pendants strung by 925 sterling silver chain with buckle design. It is adjustable for your wrist size. The carving of veins on the each leaf pendant are clearly. Each leaf pendant will sway gracefully with your every movement. Wearing this piece you will be the focus of attention. The design of this jade silver bracelet is classic ant vintage. The length of silver chain is approx. 17cm.
Each leaf pendant is solid with oily sheen. The tender fresh green matches with rich maple yellow make this piece look more gorgeous. Its beautiful colors seem the variation of spring and autumn, which is so dreamy and charming. It is pleasing and fascinating.
Length: 13 mm
Width: 7 mm
Depth: 2 mm
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