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Hollow Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

Hollow Jade Jadeite Beads Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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All of jadeite beads of this bracelet belong to natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite. This jade jewelry consists of Honey Brown variety, Bean Green variety, Icy variety and Oil Green variety. This item is strung by 13 hollow jadeite beads and 13 small jadeite beads in interlaced order with elastic string. Each hollow jadeite bead is carved into ancient coin, take a closer look at the carvings, you will find it is an absolutely excellent craftsmanship. The symbol of ancient coin is to bring the wealth for the wearer. The design of this jade bead bracelet is simple with antique style. It is worthy of collecting and wearing. The diameter of small jadeite bead is approx. 6mm.
There are light green, fresh green, honey brown and light yellow in this bracelet. Some of beads accompany with a little pure white. Those pretty colors are natural and well-organized. Each hollow jadeite bead has oily luster and brilliant sheen on the sleek surface. The abundant colors make this item look more vivid and lend a genuine beauty to the wearer.
Diameter: 13 mm
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