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Leaf Jade Jadeite Necklace

Leaf Jade Jadeite Necklace

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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Those pendants of this necklace belong to natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Honey Brown variety, Icy variety and Bean Green variety. The donut pendant and 5 leaf pendants are strung by 925 sterling silver chain. The vein carvings on the each leaf is clearly and can be seen easily, those handcrafted carvings are delicate. This jade silver necklace combines the antique element and the trendy design. This piece will be more gorgeous when those leaves sway gracefully with your every movement. The diameter of donut pendant is approx. 13mm and the depth is approx. 3mm. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
The color of this necklace is shining and brilliant. It contains honey yellow, maple brown, limpid water green and fresh green. Those pendants have oily sheen with the sleek surface. This piece is too beautiful to remove your sight.
Length: 16 mm
Width: 8 mm
Depth: 2 mm
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