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Knife Jade Jadeite Necklace

Knife Jade Jadeite Necklace

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
Tag: Knife
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The pendants of this necklace belong to natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite. This piece contains Icy variety, Honey Brown variety and Bean Green variety. Those 3 knife pendants are strung by 925 sterling silver chain. The knife-shape pendant has sleek surface with translucent form. People believed that wearing knife-shaped pendant could avoid the bad luck and lead to a good fortune. This jade silver necklace has the elements of modern with classic look. It shows the remarkable beauty of harmonious. Express your personal style with this gorgeous accessory. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
The qualities of those knife pendants are brilliant and delicate. The colors of pendant are limpid white, dark honey yellow and fresh green. Those pretty colors are natural and pure which spread evenly all over the pendants. All the colors show the style of variations and contrast with your skin would look more fabulous.
Length: 28 mm
Width: 8 mm
Depth: 2 mm
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