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Donut Jade Jadeite Pendant

Donut Jade Jadeite Pendant

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This round disc jade pendant is natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Bean Green variety. This donut style pendant is the symbol of bring the fortune and drive away the evil or even as an amulet. Both of two sides are sleek with smooth touch and natural luster. This piece is delicate and elegant which completely shows the style of dignified. Its simply beauty is suitable for any age group to wear. Express your personal style with this auspicious item.
This pendant has delicate quality and natural colors. It contains water green, fresh green and pure white. Those pretty colors are pure and show the beauty of nature. The surface is brilliant with oily sheen and make green color look more vivid. It is fascinating and attractive.
Diameter: 28 mm
Depth: 4 mm
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