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Auspicious Animal Jade Jadeite Bead Bracelet

Auspicious Animal Jade Jadeite Bead Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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The carved jade bead of this bracelet is natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Motley Green variety. There are some natural jade marks on this green jade bead which completely shows the beauty of nature. This piece strung by double lines with a Motley Green jadeite bead, 2 green jadeite beads and many black agate beads of buckle design. The green jade bead is carved into auspicious animal, Ru Yi and peach. Those handcrafted carvings are delicate with excellent craftsmanship. This piece has the meaning of auspicious blessing. It is elegant and classic with splendid appearance. This piece is definitely a gorgeous jade jewelry worth you to wear and treasure. The length of this bracelet is approx. 19cm.
The quality of this piece is delicate and solid with pure color. The fresh dark green with slightly black-green are included and spread evenly all over the carved jade bead. It also matches with brilliant black agate beads and make it look more splendid. The surface is vivid with oily sheen, it is pleasing and attractive.
Length: 19 mm
Diameter: 13 mm
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