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Lucky Donut Jade Jadeite Bracelet

Lucky Donut Jade Jadeite Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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All the pendants of this bracelet are natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite. This piece consists of Oil Green variety, Honey Brown variety and Icy variety. There are 8 donut pendants strung by 925 sterling silver chain with buckle design. It is adjustable for your wrist size. This jade silver bracelet is absolutely handmade with great craftsmanship and combines the sense of fashion. The surface of each pendant is sleek and smooth with natural luster. The adorable pendants with oval-shaped silver chain together turn into a fabulous jade accessory. It is elegant and classic with modern fashion design. When it is worn your beautiful wrist, it is completely charming in all occasion. It is deserved to be cherished away. The length of silver chain is approx. 19cm.
This piece contains light green, fresh green, light yellow, orange-yellow and limpid white. Those colors are pretty and distribute evenly all over the pendants. The colorful pendant with glittering silver chain together are so splendid and charming. It is extremely pleasant to have.
Diameter: 13 mm
Depth: 3 mm
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