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8 Trigrams Jade Jadeite Bracelet

8 Trigrams Jade Jadeite Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
Tag: Bagua
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The jadeite beads of this bracelet are natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Bean Green variety and Honey Brown variety. This piece is strung by elastic string with 13 jadeite beads of 8 trigrams and 13 small flat jadeite beads in interlaced order. The carvings on each jadeite bead of 8 trigrams are delicate and obviously. Both of quality and color are genuine and pure. In Chinese culture, 8 trigrams is a symbol of avoiding the evil and leading to good fortune. With this jade beads bracelet, everything will just go smoothly for you. The design of this piece is classic and elegant with traditional Chinese style. Wearing this bracelet completely shows different style from other. It is extremely pleasant to have one. The diameter of small flat jadeite bead is approx. 6mm.
The quality of this piece is solid and delicate. The limpid light green with slightly fresh green are included and match with vivid golden. Those pretty colors together are so harmonious. The surface of this piece is vivid with oily sheen which is so dreamy and attractive.
Length: 8 mm
Width: 8 mm
Depth: 3 mm
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