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Hollow Jade Jadeite Pipe Bracelet

Hollow Jade Jadeite Pipe Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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This bracelet is natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Bean Green variety. This piece is strung by elastic strings of double lines with a hollow jadeite pipe and 58 small flat jadeite beads. There are many cross mark carvings on hollow jadeite pipe. Its carvings are delicate with excellent craftsmanship. Each small flat jadeite bead is rounded and the surface is sleek with natural luster. The lovable jadeite beads with refined hollow jadeite pipe together turn into an unique bracelet. It is elegant and classic with novel design. The hollow jadeite pipe is crooked and perfectly suitable for your wrist. Wearing this jade link bracelet completely shows the beauty of graceful. It is definitely a fascinating jade accessory worth you to treasure. The diameter of small flat jadeite beads is approx. 6mm.
The quality of this piece is fine and delicate. The light green with slightly light yellow of hollow jadeite pipe which also match with fresh green of jadeite beads. Those different shades of green color make this piece look more lively. The surface is vivid with aqueous luster which give a sense of fresh and out of ordinary.
Length: 26 mm
Diameter: 6 mm
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