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Heart Jade Jadeite Earrings

Heart Jade Jadeite Earrings

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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Those pendants of this pair of earrings are natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Bean Green variety. Each 925 sterling silver hook is strung with a heart pendant. The heart pendant is solid and plump with smooth line and sleek surface. It is refined and precious. These pieces also match with glittering silver circle and make it look more exquisite. This pair of jade silver earrings are gorgeous and stylish with modern fashion design. It is definitely a fascinating jade accessory deserved to be one of your collection or as a thoughtful gift.
The quality of this pendant is natural, and solid with pure color. The brilliant light green is so pretty and distributes evenly all over the pendant. Its pure green color give a sense of fresh and shows the beauty of genuine jadeite. The surface is sleek and the touch is smooth which is so pretty and fascinating.
Length: 18 mm
Width: 18 mm
Depth: 9 mm
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