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Heart Jade Jadeite Necklace

Heart Jade Jadeite Necklace

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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The pendants of this necklace are natural, pure and A grade jade jadeite with Honey Brown variety and Bean Green variety. The donut pendant is above the heart pendant, both of them are strung by 925 sterling silver chain in vertical order. The heart pendant is solid and plump with sleek surface and smooth line. It is also decorates with a Cubic Zirconia bail and make it look more brilliant. Simply design but fabulous with modern fashion style. Wearing this jade silver necklace completely make you look more brilliant and our of ordinary. Everyone should have a signature, this piece would be your best choice. The diameter of donut pendant is approx. 13mm and the depth is approx. 3mm. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
The quality of this heart pendant is solid and natural. The color of heart pendant is honey yellow mixes with pure white which also distribute naturally. Its pure colors completely show the beauty of nature. This piece also matches with glittering silver and light water green and make it look more brilliant. Its surface is glossy with oily sheen which is so pretty and attractive.
Length: 17 mm
Width: 18 mm
Depth: 8 mm
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