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Color Stone Citrine Necklace

Color Stone Citrine Necklace

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Condition: Fine Jewelry
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This necklace is strung by 15 Citrine beads of teardrop-shaped and many small round beads of Garnet with magnetic buckle hook. The teardrop-shaped Citrine bead is brilliant with the sparkling refraction which look like the crystal. There are some grains inside the Citrine which are the symbol of nature. The Citrine can help people to bring the wealth and treasure. The Garnet seems full of mysterious character which also can increase your glamor and confidence. Simply design but splendid. The interlaced order of those beads make this piece look more fabulous and lively. With this gorgeous necklace, one would be more elegant and graceful. The length of this necklace is approx. 44.5cm. The diameter of Garnet bead is approx. 3mm.
The color of Citrine and Garnet are absolutely natural with pure quality. The limpid golden with rich wine color make this piece look more brilliant. The texture of Citrine is transparent and make it look more dreamy. Those different colors make this necklace look more elegant and delicate. It is so gorgeous and fascinating.
Length: 7 mm
Width: 5 mm
Depth: 3 mm
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