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8 Trigrams Jade Jadeite Bracelet

8 Trigrams Jade Jadeite Bracelet

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
Tag: Bagua
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All the jadeite beads of this bracelet are natural, pure and A garde jade jadeite of Honey Brown variety. This piece is strung by hand-knit Chinese cord with 7 jadeite beads of 8 trigram and 4 small flat jadeite beads in interlaced order. It is adjustable with slipknot design of 4 small jadeite beads as tassel at the ends. The carvings on 8 trigrams jadeite bead are delicate and obviously with perfect shape and pure quality. Its surface is vivid with oily sheen which is so pretty. 8 trigrams is the symbol of avoiding evil and lead to good fortune. This piece is elegant and classic with vintage style. With this 8 trigrams motif jade bracelet completely shows different style from others. The diameter of small flat jadeite bead is approx. 6mm.
The texture and color of each jadeite bead are natural. The honey brown and light water green are included and distribute all over each 8 trigram jadeite bead and decorative jadeite beads. This piece also matches with indigo color of Chines cord and make it full of vintage beauty. The surface of each jadeite bead is vivid with shining luster which is so pretty and attractive.
Length: 8 mm
Width: 8 mm
Depth: 3 mm
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