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Round Bead Momo Coral Necklace

Round Bead Momo Coral Necklace

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Condition: No flaws to the naked eye
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The Momo coral bead of this necklace is strung by 925 sterling silver chain. The coral bead of this necklace is round and plump with natural fine grain. Its surface is smooth and sleek, both of quality and color are natural. The coral represent the noble and power of highly social status which also symbolize the happiness and permanence. The ancient royals regard the coral jewelry as the most precious accessory. The amount of coral is extremely fewer and rare so it is very valuable and worthy of collecting. The glittering thin silver chain matches with round coral bead and turn into an exquisite jewelry. Simply but graceful. With this pink coral necklace, one would be more pretty and brilliant. The style of silver chain shown in image is for reference only.
The color of this coral bead is absolutely natural with pink and slightly pure white. Those two pure colors together make this piece look more dreamy. Its soft and brightly pink color give a sense of graceful. The surface of coral bead is polished with shining luster which is so lively and alluring.
Diameter: 11 mm
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