About Agate

What is Agate

Agate is a kind of cryptocrystalline quartz, and its main chemical composition is silicon dioxide. The hardness of Agate on the Mohs scale is between 6.5 and 7.5, and it looks translucent or opaque. When underground magma erupt, the natural holes on the rocks are filled with silicon dioxide. The mineral crystallized from silicon dioxide is called Agate. Many people are not able to distinguish Agate from Chalcedony since their composition is the same. However, the most difference lies in the stone structure. Agate is with banded form, but Chalcedony isn't.

Legend and Symbol of Agate

There are many legends passed down in different countries. The most famous story is about the goddess Aphrodite who stands for love and beauty in Greek mythology. The legend says that one day when Aphrodite took a rest under the tree, her naughty son Eros took her nail and flied to the sky secretly. However, he was too delightful to keep the nail well. Suddenly, Eros made the nail fall to the ground carelessly, and then the nail became agate. From then on, Agate is considered to be a sign of beauty and love. Besides western legends, Agate is also listed into one of "Seven Treasures of Buddhism" and symbolizes blessedness, happiness, and hope. Some people even regard it as an amulet.

Origin of Agate

The place of production for Agate is all over the world. The main countries are Brazil and China, and other countries producing Agate also include the United States, India, Mexico, Russia, Australia, etc. Influenced by geography and environment, Agate from different places also shows different types, colors, and grains. Of all, the most famous ones are Red Agate from Brazil and Southern Red Agate from China.

How to Take Care of Agate

  • Agate has a high hardness but brittle, it can be broken easily by collision.
  • Please store Agate in shady and cool environment and prevent from the sunlight, also, the environment must be a certain humidity.
  • Chemicals cause Agate changes color, therefore, please put Agate jewelry away from them. Chemical detergents are also unnecessary when cleaning Agate.
  • When Agate gets dirty, wash it with clear water or soap water, it can also be cleaned by soft brushes and wiped with soft cloth or towel.
  • To avoid Agate gets stained by cosmetics and hair spray, please finish dressing up before putting on Agate jewelry.