Types of Agate

  • Southern Red Agate

    It's famous for its blood red appearance, and most of it comes from Yunnan Province in China. The pure Southern Red agate is so rare that it becomes more previous. It's also regarded as a treasure with spirituality in Buddhism, so it's high value and worth collecting.
  • Onyx Agate

    The grains and lines on this kind of stone are parallel stripes, and the stone is also with different color layers. Onyx agate with black or red color is quite common in the market. Besides, Sardonyx agate with cherry red or blood red is the most precious of all.
  • Fire Agate

    The main place of production is Mexico and the United States. Its composition contains not only silicon dioxide but also rich Iron Oxide. The appearance with various color layers includes red, orange, green, purple and blue. The outer layer of Fire agate will vary under the light from different angles.
  • Blue Lace Agate

    The stone body is light blue color with white stripes. The main place of production is Brazil and Africa.
  • Moss Agate

    It's named by its appearance. The grains on the stone look like the moss in the river. Besides common green color, there are blue and brown color as well.
  • Dendritic Agate

    The grains are as mottled as branches. Sometimes the grains may form the beautiful scenery, including nature, people, animals or plants, so it's also called "Scenic Agate". This kind of agate is quite rare and valuable.