Types of Amber

  • Cherry Amber

    The color is red or dark red as blood, so it's also called "Red Amber". It's very elegant to be worn. The best level of Blood Amber is called "Dark Amber".
  • Golden Amber

    Its golden appearance looks like gold, and it's quite transparent. Golden Amber is regarded as a symbol of wealth. If it's under uneven heating and generates grains, then it's called "Piebald Amber".
  • Blue Amber

    Its color varies under different lights. It's very rare and precious, so some people also call it "King of Amber". Most Blue Amber is from Dominican Republic.
  • Green Amber

    It shows golden under the normal light. If it's illuminated by ultraviolet rays, it will show blue-green. The main place of origin is Dominican Republic and Mexico.
  • Bony Amber

    It shows yellow with some milky grains. Bony Amber contains many bubbles. The more the white part occupies, the higher value it will become.
  • Wax Amber

    It looks like the same as wax. Its color is off white, and its transparency and density is relatively low.
  • Stone Amber

    Most of it grows in the crevice. Due to high petrifaction, it looks like stone. Its scale of hardness is also higher than other Amber.