About Precious Coral

What is Precious Coral

Precious Coral is categorized into Cnidaria. It lives without movability and can only feed on plankton through Coral polyps' tentacles. The habitat that Precious Coral grows mostly lies in 110 to 1,800 meters depth in the deep ocean. The condition of growing environment for Precious Coral is quite high. It must be appropriate temperature, low light, steady stream and good water quality. The growth rate for Precious Coral is also very low. It can grows only 1 mm to 3 mm per year on average. The body color of Precious Coral includes deep red, pink, fuchsia and white. Its hardness on the Mohs scale is between 3 and 4. The body of Precious Coral is with luster, so its jewelry and accessories are quite elegant and outstanding.

Origin of Precious Coral

In the beginning, Precious Coral was found and extracted in the Mediterranean Sea and Italy since the Precious Coral in Mediterranean Coast distributed to the shallow sea within 50 meters depth. The Precious Coral in this area was extracted earlier, so it also became exhausted early. Later, abundant Precious Coral was found in deep ocean in the United States, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Among these areas, Taiwan was the major place of origin. The production from Taiwan occupied 80 percent of total amount all over the world in the early stage. Thus, Taiwan was also called "Coral Kingdom" from then on.

Current Condition of Precious Coral

Precious Coral is highly appreciated all over the world and becomes a symbol of wealth and status. Besides, Precious Coral is listed into one of the top three organic gemstones in the western countries and categorized into one of seven treasures of Buddhism in the eastern countries. The Buddhists in India and Tibet even regard it as the incarnation of Buddha. Precious Coral grows slowly and has been over-extracted, which makes its total amount reduce strictly. Therefore, the price has increased several times.

How to Take Care of Coral Jewelry

  • Precious Coral belongs to organic gemstone which is particularly sensitive to acidity and alkalinity. Please avoid the coral jewelry from sweat on the body.
  • After taking your coral jewelry off, gently clean the surface with water and wipe it with soft cloth.
  • Using a little baby oil can keep luster on the coral jewelry.
  • Coral jewelry is quite fragile. Be careful when storing and wearing it.
  • Be sure to take coral jewelry off before taking a bath.