Book of Dzi Beads

There are lots of books introducing Dzi beads on the market. We would like to recommend this book, The Gzi Beads of Tibet, written by Tung-Kuang Lin. It is the best reference book for Dzi beads beginners and collectors. Its detailed contents contain the textual criticism of Dzi beads research. The author explored and visited Tibet by himself to understand Dzi beads more. The features of this book include the introduction of origins and types also illustrated with graphics. Furthermore, it is Chinese-English bilingual format. If you are interested in the mystery of Dzi beads, this classic book is sure to satisfy your needs and expectations. The information about this book is as follows.

The Gzi Beads of Tibet

  • Author: Tung-Kuang, Lin
  • ISBN: 957-744-990-5
  • Publish date: 2001/11/12
  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Shipping Weight: 2100 grams
The Gzi Beads of Tibet Dzi Bead Book