Care Dzi Beads

How to Take Care Dzi Beads

  • Wear your Dzi beads as frequently as you can, which can allow Dzi beads to absorb your body warmth and interact with the magnetic field of your body.
  • If you have numerous Dzi beads, place them on the altar table for better care and appreciation. Touching Dzi beads lightly with your fingers can enhance warm luster.
  • When stringing Dzi beads with threads, divide Dzi beads with soft spacers to avoid abrasion or cracks.
  • Be sure to take Dzi beads off and place them on the altar table or desk before taking a bath. Avoid Dzi beads from getting damp, or the string will be broken easily. Besides, dampness is harmful to Dzi beads.
  • Be careful to protect your Dzi beads when changing clothes. In this way, they will not drop on the floor and break.
  • Pay attention to your behavior. If you are going to do something that may be disrespectful to Dzi beads, better take it off temporarily.
  • Protect the Dzi beads you wear properly. Do not lend them to others or let other people touch your Dzi beads at will.
  • When participating in various Dharma assemblies, invite Rinpoche (Guru or Spiritual Teachers) to empower you Dzi beads.
  • If the Dzi bead you wear is damaged or broken when an accident occurs, please replace it with other suitable one.
  • Take care of Dzi beads wholeheartedly without any doubt, and they will be sure to bring you reward.