Meaning of Dzi Beads Totems

  • 1-Eyed

    This is known as "Bead of Light", which is believed to have power of cleaning thinking, increasing intelligence and making wishes come true.
  • 2-Eyed

    It symbolizes pleasant marriage between a couple, blissful family and good relationship with other people.
  • 3-Eyed

    It's a symbol of three gods bringing prosperity, status and longevity individually. It means these three gods get together and can satisfy your desires.
  • 4-Eyed

    It stands for Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, Ksitigarbha, Samantabhadra and represents compassion, wisdom, vow, practice individually. These four Great Bodhisattvas help people remove obstacles.
  • 5-Eyed

    The five Jambhalas gather together, which is a symbol of wealth and longevity. It also means everything will go well.
  • 6-Eyed

    It represents that suffering of Samsara is got rid of. Besides, the practice of Six Paramitas goes smoothly, and all the bad luck is eliminated.
  • 7-Eyed

    It stands for accomplishment of all the fortune, reputation, career, wealth, health, longevity and marriage.
  • 8-Eyed

    It's a symbol of the blessing from Eight Bodhisattvas which can allay all the harms and lead to the right path.
  • 9-Eyed

    It symbolizes full virtue and charity. It's also believed to bring success in authority, business, benefit and fulfillment.
  • 12-Eyed

    It stands for outstanding bravery and excellent reputation. Furthermore, it is thought to bring blessing, intelligence, peace and happiness.
  • Heaven and Earth

    It helps the business thrive significantly and brings wealth back to its wearer continuously.
  • Tiger Tooth

    It's believed to defeat evil spirits, and it stands for integrity and successful career.
  • Peak

    It represents that its wearer will obtain confidence and courage to do everything and finally achieve his goals.
  • Wave

    Water is a symbol of wealth. It's thought that wealth will come ceaselessly just like the flowing water in the river, and that everything will become ideal at last.
  • Lotus

    It's a symbol of purity and peace. People believe it can purify one's spirit and make one's mind calm with pleasure.
  • Longevity

    The pattern is similar to turtle shell, so it's a symbol of longevity.
  • Bottle

    It stands for immortality and longevity. It also means that it can bring fortune, wealth and health to its wearer.
  • Dorje

    It's a symbol of wisdom. Moreover, it is believed to have power to get rid of troubles, defeat the evil spirits and remove the obstacles.
  • Crescent

    It represents health, peaceful life and good relationship with other people.
  • Ritual Object

    Its pattern is a kind of ritual object from Tibetan Buddhism. It has supreme power to defeat all the evil spirits.