Jadeite Color

The structure and texture of Jadeite depend on delicateness of crystal particle in its ore, form and the way of combination. The basic part except green section is Variety of Jadeite which means color base. The following are some common varieties.
  • Glassy

    It is bright, pure and delicate. The structure is with single crystal like other gemstones. The stone of this variety is quite hard, and natural grains in it are rare.
  • Icy

    Its crystal looks like ice cubes or rock candies. Icy Variety is with high purity, but its appearance is not as hard and frozen as Glassy Variety.
  • Green in White

    The characteristic of its color is white background with a tinge of green spots. The texture is as compact as porcelain.
  • Oil Green

    The green color is darker and not pure. Oil Green Variety is with a tinge of gray or blue. There is a greasy luster on the surface.
  • Bean Green

    Colors of the whole stone are lighter and contain different shades of green. The texture of its crystal is coarse, and granular structure can be seen clearly.
  • Motley Green

    The background color may be light green or other colors. The texture can be coarse or delicate. Its white color is even, and green color is nervation-shaped and distributes irregularly.
  • Lavender

    It is Jadeite in different shades of purple. Generally, there are light purple, eggplant and purplish blue according to their tones. The light purple is the best color of all.
  • Honey Brown

    Jadeite is with honey brown color. There are different shades of golden yellow on clear transparent Jadeite. Its light brown is as glittering as malt sugar.
  • 3-Colored

    It's so-called Fu Lu Shou. Jadeite with three colors represents health, promotion and wealth, and its surface is saturated and oily.