Types of Jade

  • Jadeitite

    • Myanmar Jade

      Most of Jadeite on the market is from Myanmar, so it's also called Myanmar Jade. Jadeite from other countries is only in the minority, and its quality is relatively lower. These countries include Guatemala, Japan, the United States, etc. The color of Jadeite is in a wide range, and the most common of all is green. Among numerous kinds of gemstones, Jadeite can create the atmosphere of oriental culture. Uncomplicated colors and lines make Jadeite jewelry look more simple but elegant. The hardness of Jadeite is quite high, and it can be made into carvings. Therefore, there are a variety of graceful jade carving artworks on the market.
  • Nephrite

    • Hetian Jade

      The place of production of Hetian Jade is Hetian in southwest Xinjiang in China. The main composition of Hetian Jade is tremolite. The color is not only white but also green, yellow-brown, black, etc. According to the state of stone when collected, Hetian Jade is categorized into mountain material and seed material. The one which is excavated directly from the mountains is called mountain material. On the other hand, seed material means the stone of mountain material flows into river and is scoured and rubbed by river water for a long time. As a result, the surface of seed material is more round and smooth. Of all Hetian Jade, stones with pure white color and warm luster are entitled "Suet White Jade" or "Jue Sue". The terms of becoming Suet White Jade are so strict that the amount is quite low.
    • Russian Jade

      Russian Jade is produced from the quarry near Lake Baikal in Russia. Its structure resembles Xinjiang Hetian Jade very much. The main composition is tremolite as well, but the content of tremolite in Russian Jade is lower than Hetian Jade. Most Russian Jade is mountain material, and the volume of ore is larger. The seed material of Russian Jade is relatively less. Its major color is white. Although the appearance of Russian Jade is so similar to Hetian Jade that it's difficult to distinguish, the color of Russian Jade is comparatively whiter and more rigid. Besides, its skin also lacks warm and oily luster, so Hetian Jade is still preferred on the market.
    • Kunlun Jade

      Kunlun Jade is produced from Kunlun Mountains in Qinghai province in China, so it's also named Qinghai Jade. According to the colors, Kunlun Jade is mostly divided into white jade, green-white jade, green jade and sugar jade. It's produced in the same metallogenic belt as Hetian Jade. On the north side of Kunlun Mountains is Hetian Jade, and on the east side is Kunlun Jade. There are slight differences between these two kinds of jade. Kunlun Jade is more translucent than Hetian Jade but lacks oily luster. Furthermore, the mineral compositions in Kunlun Jade are more complicated. Its color is more impure, and its stones are often with different colors and complex lines.
    • Canadian Jade

      The place of origin is in British Columbia in Canada, so it's called British Columbia Jade or BC Jade. The main minerals in Canadian Jade are not only tremolite but also actinolite. The color of stone is aquamarine, green, dark green, but it's not well-distributed. Most Canadian Jade is translucent and with warm greasy luster, so it's entitled "Stone of Heaven". Moreover, a majority of Canadian Jade is used to carve large jade artworks since the volume of its ore is quite huge, and others are made into jewelry and accessories. Among all Canadian Jade, Polar Jade from Arctic Circle in north British Columbia is the top level.
    • Wyoming Jade

      This kind of jade was found in Granite Mountains in Wyoming state of the United States, and its name is from the place of origin. Wyoming Jade was extremely popular when it was found, and many people started to excavate and trade this in large amount. However, the amount of Wyoming Jade is quite low so far. Wyoming Jade is composed of tremolite and albite. The main color is apple green, and others include olive green, gray-green, black, etc. The brighter and rarer Wyoming Jade is, the higher its price will be. Besides, it is translucent or opaque. The grains and structure of Wyoming Jade is so delicate that it's easier to carve.
    • Taiwan Jade

      Taiwan Jade is produced in the area of Fengtian in Shoufeng Township of Hualien in Taiwan, so it's also called Fengtian Jade. When the stones here were proved to be jade, it caused a sensation. Therefore, everyone came here to excavate Taiwan Jade, which contributed to the problems of over-excavation and rare production. The color of Taiwan Jade is mainly aquamarine, dark green and gray-green. There are more black dots in Taiwan Jade. The stones without black dots or cracks belong to higher level. There is also one special variety among Taiwan Jade. When it's cut and ground to cabochon shape, there is a streak of light in the middle of the stone, which looks like cat's eye. As a result, this kind of jade is named Cat's Eye Jade.