About Citrine

What is Citrine

The word "Citrine" comes from French word "citron", which means lemon, and it gets the name because the trace of metal elements in the crystal can reflect yellow radiances under lights. The main chemical composition of Citrine is SiO2, and it has a Mohs hardness of 7. According to the type and quantity of the metal elements, Citrines can appear differently from light yellow to golden.

Symbol of Citrine

Citrine has symbols of happy and health, however, wealth is the most popular symbol that Citrine has, thus, Citrine is also called the stone of gathering riches or the stone of fortune. Businessmen like to wear Citrine accessories or decorate their home and office with Citrine to wish for a luck of wealth.

Legend of Citrine

Although Citrine has a symbol of wealth, the legend related to it is a story about opportunity makes the thief. In Greek mythology, golden wool was one of the most famous treasure. Its shined gloriously that people saw it clearly even in dark nights; everyone was fascinated by the amazing appearance. The golden wool was on the top of the tree in the sacred woods with vicious dragon watching it, no one was ever be able to reach the golden wool until Easun, the well-known hero in Greek mythology, appeared. The queen of Heaven, Hera gave Easun a Citrine, and the vicious dragon was shocked by the radiance that came from the Citrine, Easun was then stole the golden wool and left the sacred woods before the dragon could stop him. After Easun brought back the golden wool, he wrapped up the precious Citrine with the wool so that people who wanted to steal the Citrine could never find it.

Origin of Citrine

Citrine can be found in America, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, and some areas in Europe. Brazil is now the largest supplier, the quality of the Citrine is also better than other countries.

How to Take Care of Citrine

Please keep Citrine away from sunshine or high temperature environments to prevent from fading. If Citrine get dirty, wash it by water and wipe it with cloth is enough.