About Luk Mik Tabular Bead

What is Luk Mik

It's eye-shaped round tabular bead formed by natural grains on stone or handmade decoration. It's often added into a necklace with other gemstones or inlaid into a ring to be worn. The shape and color of Luk Mik is very similar to horse's eye, so it's specially called Horse's Eye Tabular Bead. Nowadays, many people also get used to calling it Goat's Eye Tabular Bead.
Luk Mik Tabular Beads

Types of Luk Mik

  • Made by Agate

    Agate is a kind of microcrystalline quartz with orbicular bands. Natural stripes on agate are used to surround the round tabular bead and become eye-shaped. Also, etching is used to paint the lines of eye on the beads.
  • Made by Chalcedony

    Chalcedony is a kind of microcrystalline quartz that the texture is purer and rarely with bands, and its luster is as warm as wax. Chalcedony is barely with stripes, so in general, Carnelian is used to produce Luk Mik by etching.

Legend of Luk Mik

A legend says that Luk Mik Tabular Bead stands for the eye of Ancient Egyptian Sky God, Horus, so it will withstand misfortune from the devils when worn on the body. Luk Mik is quite popular in Tibet, Egypt, Pakistan and Mesopotamia. It's said that Luk Mik can not only drive out evil spirits but also assist in achieving business and bringing in wealth. Besides, Tibetan even consider it to be an amulet.