About Topaz

What is Topaz

Topaz is a kind of Nesosilicate minerals which has a Mohs hardness of 8 that only Diamond, Ruby, and Sapphire is harder than it. Due to impurities in the minerals, Topaz can appear in different levels of yellow, blue, or red. Normally, Topaz without impurities will be colorless or pale blue; with heated treatment, the color will be more vivid. Human formerly had misconceptions about Topaz and was often mixed up Topaz with other gems, but now we can tell the differences by their specific gravity or put them under a microscope.

Legend of Topaz

  • Opinions are widely divided about where Topaz got its name. Some said the name cames from an island called Topazios: an ancient Egypt queen was banished to Topazios because she attempted to assassinate Pharaoh. People on the island viewed the queen as fairy descendants and gave her two precious stones, they named the stone Topaz. Although the stones were then confirmed that they are not Topaz and Topazios island does not produce Topaz, either, people still called the very kind of stone Topaz without changing it. Another say is that Topaz comes from a Sanskrit word which means fire.
  • Ancient Greek thought Topaz could not only made the ones who was wearing it invisible and escaped from danger but also strengthen their bodies.
  • Ancient Egyptian and Roman both believed there was a relation between Topaz and the Sun God, ancient Egyptian even claimed that the radiance of yellow Topaz came from their Sun God, Ra.

Origin of Topaz

The biggest origin of Topaz is Brazil, they have mined the largest colorless Topaz and now it is stored up in the American Museum of Natural History. Except Brazil, Sri Lanka is another important origin of Topaz, moreover, light blue Topaz can be found in Northern Ireland or UK. America, China and Russia can also find some Topaz minerals.

How to Take Care of Topaz

  • Topaz is brittle, collision may break it easily.
  • Please store Topaz jewelries in cool place since it will deteriorate or fade under high heat or lights.
  • Topaz may get dim with sweat on it, please clean it with water and soft cloth every little while to keep it shiny.